Energy Saving

Below is an approximate indication of Typical BERs and Annual Running Costs* for different eras of domestic construction. Energy Profile can help you improve your property by several grades and help you save on energy bills. Contact Energy Profile for Home Energy Savings Scheme grant advice and see our more info page

BER Grade A          :  from 2008                   €300/yr

BER Grade B          :  from 2006                   €750/yr

BER Grade C1        :  from 2000                   €1,200/yr

BER Grade C2        :  from 1990's                 €1,350/yr

BER Grade D1        :  from 1980's                 €1,750/yr

BER Grade D2/E1   :  pre 1980's                   €2,000/yr

BER Grade F/G       :  pre 1980's                   €3,600/yr      (little or no insulation installed)

Property owners should bear in mind that a Building Energy Rating requires measurements and calculation by suitable trained and qualified assessors. The data above should not be relied upon in lieu. *Running costs are based on a 3 bed semi detached of typical size heated completely to a comfortable level and may change from time to time. See SEAI guide here for more accurate costs